“Paradise lost, GOD’S Promise made” by Troy Hassell. Sun. 26-MAY-2024

May 26, 2024    Troy Hassell

Please join us in worship today Sun. 19-MAY-2024 as Pastor Troy teaches on “Paradise lost, GOD’S Promise made” Gen 3:8-24

Congregation Singing:

Calvary Gospel Chapel’s CCLI Streaming License # 2846479

"Great and Mighty Is The Lord Our God” CCLI Song # 16495

Marlene Bigley

© 1984 MCA Music Publ., A.D.O. Universal Studio; Sound III, Inc


“Is He Worthy” CCLI Song # 7108951

Andrew Peterson | Ben Shive

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“Worthy You Are Worthy” CCLI Song # 17384

Don Moen

© 1986 Integrity's Hosanna! Music